Neki to vole vruce – everything you have always wanted to know about them, but had nobody to ask about

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In 1984 Silvestar Dragoje – Shomi i Miroslav Stanić – Jimmy established a duet Neki to vole vruće.
In 1984 after military service, Shomi met Jimmy, a friend from early childhood and they established NTVV and from then they started with a professional music career as solist singers and music makers in NTVV as well. The beginning of their cooperation was marked by their demo record – being recorded in 1984, and Albert Papo one of then owners of the Saloon Discotheque, suggested them to take the name Neki to vole vruće (Some like it hot), and that was accepted. The editors of ex Jugoton, after they had listened to their first demos, they offered them to record the first album NTVV which was taken in 1985.
The songs California, Medu moj i šećeru and Reci da became the hits all over of that time country and they were at the top of radio top-lists. In their firs album, they presented a modern production of pop which was tracing rock aggressiveness, but their excellent performance provided them sympathy of music experts and music editors. By their spontaneousness and sincerity in music expression, as well as by production which, from the very beginnings, was relied on high criterion of western production of pop-rock expression, Shomi and Jimmy in short time had drawn attention of great number of listeners and fans.
By their second album Jeans generacija (Jeans generation), the NTVV has justified the expectations and confirmed that there can be much expected from them and their team. Mega hits Jeans generacija and Teška vremena from the second album drove them on the top of popularity when they started with great concerts and tours and formed an accompany bend among the selected musicians in Zagreb, what was greatly awarded by audience on their concerts.
The collaboration with Zlatan Stipišić was very worthwhile because, with his highly inspired texts, Gibonni succeeded to return Shomi and Jimmy their will for further continuation in group working, so that their songs inspired of war depression, gave them hope for survival. The Album “Ljubavne priče” (Love stories) brought beautiful slow songs like Zagrli me nježno, Nudiš mi razloge za kraj, Tisi ta, Ne zaboravi. The song Bojler in unplugged version has brought them again top positions on top-lists.
The last live performance of NTVV was held on March 27, 2004, but their this year performance on Trash Film Festival is the best opportunity to remember them all that time fans an newbie created fans as well.

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