Application for Golden Chainsaw award 2009

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Dear movie makers,
Turn on the spot lights, sharpen your hawthorn sticks and oil your chain saws! The fourth competition for golden Chainsaw is about to start! Awoken zombie-vampires are sucking the human blood with the intention of putting out the light of creativity in you. Your failure is their success! So hold your heads high and present your work with pride. Send your low-budget movies and show how good always wins over evil. Show how nunchakas can be more powerfull than machine guns. Selected movies will be presented at the 4th Trash Film Festival, from 10th till 12th September 2009, in Varaždin, Croatia. Best movies will win the desirable Golden Chainsaws in four categories: best action movie, best SF, best martial arts movie and best horror. The fifth Golden Chainsaw goes to the best movie by audience choice.

Send your movies no later than 1st of July 2009. to:

Trash Association Varaždin
PP 13
42 001 Varaždin, Croatia

You can download the application form here or print-only version here.

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