Movie Premiere – Overpunishment

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After a year and 4 months of devoted work, the association trash completed his first blockbuster called “Overpunishment”. Movie that will topple the feet of critics, that will become a turning point of croatian trash and that will earn Varaždin film industry million dollars.

This masterpiece, 53 minutes runtime, in which the Trashers fighting with banking establishment, finally we will see in its entirety, on wide screen, on Friday 13th March, at 18h, in the theater “Kult” in Varaždin, Croatia.

Title: Overpunishment
Runtime: 53 min
Genre: martial arts – SF
Language: English
Subtitles: Croatian
Writer and Director: Jurica Hižak
Montage: Robert Borović
Pre-production: Andrej Bojanić, Marko Denac
Special effects: Tihomir Galevski
Music: Danijel Marinković
Roles: Marko Denac, Jelena Spevec, Tomislav Šipek, Berislav Tomičić, Jurica Hižak, Marinko Prga, Robert Borović, Nikola Horvat, Goran Majhen, Martin Keretić, Matko Mesić, Miroslav Kostelec i dr.

Young American filmmaker Dannyboy submits his movie to Varaždin Trash Film Festival in competition for ?Golden Chainsaw”.
However, in Varazdin, the Golden Chainsaws are confiscated by the mighty banker Dr. Valentine and his sister Evilane which is using a special laser to de-trashizate members of the Trash association.
Realizing that the Festival is in danger, Dannyboy goes in Varaždin and reveals that the dr.Valentine subdued the whole city, and detained members of Trash Association in the basement of his bank.
Dannyboy decides to take justice into their own hands and punish the perpetrators. In carrying out his plan will not spare any of the banker.


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