Ivan’s Winter Croatia Tour 2009!

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Ivan Hrvatska, The Croatian Party Ambassador, continues to perform live across the world! From Vancouver, New York, Zagreb, to Varaždin at caffe bar Lavra LINK – Saturday, 31.01.2009. 22h.

When not promoting his holiday and party anthems, Ivan has been spending his time in the studio

writing a follow up album to Ivan’s “Party All Year” CD. The new album is titled “WHOLE WORLD ON THE DANCE FLOOR” and it promises that! Ivan Hrvatska is a man of festivity, song, and a belief that there is always a reason to love. Whether on stage, or on the streets, Mr.Hrvatska is a lover of all, singing to the world from his heart. Ivan comes to the world as an entertainer, and ambassador to the European country of Croatia.
Ivan originates from the beautiful Dalmatian coast of Croatia where song and dance are as natural as the wine. Ivan Hrvatska performs under various titles to highlight his diversity as an entertainer. As Captain of the Croatian Drinking Team, Ivan has been traveling the globe as the world mascot of celebration, as he dances and drinks with all the beloved nations of the world. But Ivan is best known to the world as The Slavic Lover. Ivan’s heart takes over as he continues to make love to the world and all its possessions. With songs of love for every person and every season, there is always a reason to party and love. Ivan Hrvatska can be found joining in at celebrations all across the globe.




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